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As an editor of the high school newspaper, the editor-in-chief of the high school literary magazine, and a college journalism major, I have clearly always been someone who doesn't mind writing a research paper or an essay. In fact, I welcomed these assign
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Allowing students to take their journals home gives them the chance to continue writing into the weekend or at night and more easily get into the habit of writing (Bolton, 2013). 3. Introduce the strategy to the students as a fun semi-free style writing assignment. Explain that these journals are a chance for students to explore
focus. Getting into the habit of recording ideas on paper or on a computer is advantageous because it advances the research project and makes it more manageable. ... comments from readers, and any other information related to the writing assignment is another way to make sure information is not lost. If a computer
Almost all successful people use some sort of calendar or planner, either paper or electronic, to help them keep up with their appointments, assignments or tasks, and other important activities. Many campuses ... not likely to lose it. Your first term of college is the time to get into the habit of using a planner to help ... Write.
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Keith Ansell Pearson. Turning in assignments early (or at least, not late) is a good habit to get into now. ... Whether it's a feature-writing assignment for a magazine-writing class or a 750-word article for the school newspaper, always show you're willing to get in the trenches and cover all your bases. You may only need two
It is common for feedback on student writing to focus on the need to engage more critically with the source material. Typical comments from tutors are: 'too descriptive', or 'not enough critical analysis'. This study guide gives ideas for how to improve the level of critical analysis you demonstrate in your writing. Other study

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